Today , I will let you know how to clean your lovely leather nato watch strap. When your watch is worn for a long time, the strap will inevitably become dirty, maybe you love it but have to throw it away, please don't give up, so cleaning the strap is inevitable. How to clean the leather watch band? I share a little bit of skill and little patience and care.

1. First remove the strap below

The leather strap is dirty and it is best to remove the leather strap before cleaning. The benefit of this is not only easy to operate, but also important to avoid accidentally getting in the water when the watch is cleaned. Of course, if there is only a little bit of soil that needs to be cleaned, it is excluded.

2. Wipe with toothpaste

We know that in addition to cleaning teeth, toothpaste has many other uses, and it is also suitable for cleaning the strap. The method is also simple, that is, take a toothbrush, rub the toothpaste to brush the strap; or use a soft cloth to rub the toothpaste a little hard to wipe, it is ok.

3. Use an eraser

Listen to some classmates saying, where is dirty, take a big eraser to wipe it. I haven't tried it, but there are some reasons to think about it. This method may be more suitable for wiping off some smudges on the surface of the strap.

4. Maintain the strap

After the strap is cleaned, the follow-up work is best not to be less, that is, the strap is cured. We can choose to use leather oil to wipe, so that not only can extend the use time, but also make the strap look more shiny.

5. Let the professionals handle it

 If the strap is dirty, or you will not handle it, or you are too lazy to do it, or you are afraid of breaking it, etc., in these cases, do not hesitate, simply send the store to the professional to clean, maintain, you just need to quiet The strap is completely new.